by @laurenfranceshair

What is it??

A printable, fill-in-the-blanks, workbook that will guide you through the LOGICAL & profitable way to set prices so you can be confident about what & how you charge!

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(Like taking a college level business course specifically for salon professionals! But instead it is in the form of an affordable e-book!)

There are a LOT of confusing messages on social media about "CHARGING YOUR WORTH" and pricing...I wanted to create an affordable resource to help stylists feel confident about what they charge!

When I became a hair stylist, my focus was creating amazing looks for clients, and making people feel great about themselves. 

I learned quickly that I had to be business savy in order to really be successful and that being a great artist was not enough! 

Looking back, I would have given anything to help simplify the not so fun parts about being a hair stylist like figuring out pricing! 

It is awkward, confusing, and it is hard to be confident you are doing it right.

And that is why I created this easy to follow system for pricing services that ensures you aren't selling yourself short! 

And plus! It is pretty and fun to complete!... You don't need a business degree for this to make sense. I took out all of the stress and complication of figuring out your prices. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and go!

You'll learn...

  • My pricing formula for setting logical and profitable prices!
  • How to determine if you are ready for a price increase!
  • What to say to clients when you are ready to raise your prices!
  • How to charge for more complex services like color correction
  • How to raise your prices without losing all of your clients!!!
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A look inside...

The business aspect of being a successful hairstylist is the most difficult and it is something we always put off...

What helps me is when I make it fun for myself. So I designed the pages to be a perfect mix of to-the-point strategy and a pretty design that I would actually like to look at!

I really hope it helps you too!

How it works!

  • You will get an email with the link to download the 44 page printable workbook
  • Click the link! will take you to the 44 pg. pricing workbook that looks just like the pages you see above!
  • Download and print! it doesn't expire and it is yours forever!
  • It will take you about 1hr to complete the formula portion!
  • After you arrive at the perfect prices for your services, read the rest of the guide to help you determine if you are ready to raise your prices and how to do it if you are!!