Hey! I'm Lauren...

In 2015 I had 300 followers on Instagram.

And I remember seeing all these amazing hairstylists like Jamie Dana, or the stylists from Habit salon, or Larissa Love, Guy Tang and others and feeling so inadequate.

This one night after walking home from work I was looking at my IG profile. I glanced at my little circle bio photo, then all the little squares below it. Then I went to go stalk one of their profiles and I would see thousands of followers and fans that LOVED THEM... And I thought,

"What is it about these amazing people that allows them to have this type of incredible success and how can I be an achiever like them?"

That was my mission.

I wanted to be the type of person and stylist, that clients would spend big money to come see. And more importantly, I wanted them to WANT to spend big money to come see me.

I thought that meant I needed a HUGE social media following.

And here is the thing,

I actually got lucky a few times with big accounts reposting my work and my following grew!

It was so exciting! I would refresh my profile screen every few minutes to see that count go up. lol

So I got kinda curious and opened up my mobile banking app, and I checked to see how much more money I was making within a month after accumulating all of these new followers!...

What I found was, disappointing but then IMMEDIATELY encouraging.

I was making ZERO DOLLARS more than when I had a following of 300.

The encouraging part though, was I was making money at a pace that would put me at $100k per year both before AND after the jump in following!

It finally occurred to me that I was able to generate a consistent and amazing living for myself WITHOUT the pressure of trying to compete on social media!

(It also occurred to me that I should check my bank account more often to really know how I am doing!)

When I finally realized this, I felt my anxiety about my ability to be successful melt away. I literally sighed in relief.

Because I had proof that my ability to get clients and make more money, did NOT depend on how good I was at social media! (Despite what I have been told so many times!! )

So I went to work back tracking all my steps to getting to that 6 figure goal so that I could share it with other hairstylists who might be struggling...

Turns out it is a pretty simple system that I believe everyone can follow to see incredible improvement in their CONFIDENCE and their INCOME!

Fast-forward to now, I have helped thousands of stylists improve their confidence in their OWN abilities and earn more money through my FREE online marketing and balayage education and my exclusive paid courses.

Now, I am on a mission to reach you too! Because I know that when you realize what it actually takes to be successful in this industry, you will feel like when you figure out the 'behind the scenes' of a magic trick.

"Oh that's all it is?"

Your career will skyrocket and you will be the stylist that your clients cry about when you move away, or brag about to their friends, or thank you a million times via text message!

Can't wait to get to know you more!